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Sean Hawk Michael Horton Lieutenant Daniels Robert Picardo Emergency Medical Hologram Dwight Schultz Lieutenant Reginald Barclay Patti Yasutake Nurse Alyssa Ogawa Jeff Coopwood Voice of the Borg [ edit ] External links Wikipedia has an article about: Star Trek

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to changing job opportunities. p. 9 "Transforming traditional agriculture," 1964 [ edit ] Schultz , Theodore William. "Transforming traditional agriculture." Transforming traditional agriculture. (1964). There are comparatively few significant inefficiencies in the allocation of the

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Mark Schultz (wrestler) From Wikiquote Jump to navigation Jump to search Mark Philip Schultz (born October 26, 1960) is an American wrestler. This sports figure article is a stub . You can help Wikiquote by expanding it . Quotes [ edit ] I'm a Jew under reformed Judaism

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Ed Schultz From Wikiquote Jump to navigation Jump to search Ed Schultz Ed Schultz (January 27, 1954 – July 5, 2018) was an American television and radio host and political pundit . He is the host of The Ed Show , a daily news program on MSNBC . Sourced [ edit ] I busted

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NOTE: The German/French dialogue are translations of the spoken text Contents 1 General Dwight D. Eisenhower 2 Other dialogue 3 Dialogue 4 Cast 4.1 British 4.2 Americans 4.3 French 4.4 Germans 5 External links General Dwight D. Eisenhower [ edit ] [sees wisdom

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Dutch Schultz From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search Dutch Schultz , whose given name was Arthur Flegenheimer (6 August 1902–24 October 1935), was a New York City-area Jewish gangster of the 1920s and '30s. Born in the Bronx, he made his fortune in bootlegging illegal

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Dwight Morrow From Wikiquote Jump to navigation Jump to search Dwight Whitney Morrow (January 11, 1873 – October 5, 1931) was an American businessman, politician, attorney, and diplomat. He served as United States Ambassador to Mexico and later was elected to the United States

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Dwight Macdonald From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search Dwight Macdonald ( March 24 , 1906 – December 19 , 1982 ) was a U.S. writer, editor, film critic, social critic, philosopher, and political radical. This article on an author is a stub . You can help Wikiquote

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John Sullivan Dwight From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search John Sullivan Dwight John Sullivan Dwight ( 13 May 1813 – 5 September 1893 ) was a Unitarian minister, transcendentalist and was America's first influential classical music critic. Quotes [ edit ]

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Dwight L. Moody From Wikiquote Jump to: navigation , search Dwight L. Moody Dwight Lyman Moody ( February 5 , 1837 – December 22 , 1899 ), also known as "D.L. Moody", was an American evangelist and publisher. Contents 1 Quotes 1.1 Dictionary of Burning Words of