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The video for "Not a Dry Eye in the House" consisted of Meat Loaf overlooking an old theater stage. During the song he remembers the girl of his dreams leaving him (she was an old movie starlet). Aged, he goes back into flashbacks and overlooks the various times she broke his heart and cries

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The human eye is an organ which reacts to light for several purposes. As a conscious sense organ , the eye allows vision . Rod and cone cells in the retina allow conscious light perception and vision including color differentiation and the perception of depth. The human eye can distinguish

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Platysteiridae family. It is endemic to Angola . Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests , subtropical or tropical mangrove forests, and subtropical or tropical dry shrubland . It is threatened by habitat loss . [ edit ] References BirdLife International 2004 | 2011/5/11 12:44:02

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Rutland to the north, and Allexton to the south. It then proceeds south-eastwards. Between Stoke Dry and Caldecott it is dammed to form the Eyebrook Reservoir . Soon after this, it joins the River Welland (here forming the border with Northamptonshire ). Much of the land surrounding

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Unlike early diving, which relied exclusively on air pumped from the surface , scuba divers carry their own source of breathing gas (usually compressed air ), [ 3 ] allowing them greater freedom than with an air line . Both surface supplied and scuba diving allow divers to stay underwater

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In 1842, John Sutter leased part of his Rancho New Helvetia land to Theodore Cordua, a native of Mecklenburg in Germany, who raised livestock and, in 1843, built a home and trading post he called New Mecklenburg . [ 2 ] The trading post and home was situated at what would later become the

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Although he enjoyed success with Bat Out of Hell and Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell and earned a Grammy Award for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Solo for a track on the latter album, Meat Loaf experienced some initial difficulty establishing a steady career within his native US. However

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Prior to European settlement the Innisfail area was occupied by five separate societies of the Mamu people. These Aboriginal people followed migratory lifestyles in the rainforest and transverse rivers in string-bark canoes . The first arrival of European people came in 1872 when survivors

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holes poked before baking or drilled in afterward. [ edit ] Polishing Using 400-600 Wet and Dry Sandpaper, you can sand your project to create an extremely smooth polished effect. Whilst sanding, run a small amount of water over your cured project until desired effect is achieved. You can | 2011/8/21 12:33:29

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have in some cultures is related to the fact that they are always wet. [ 5 ] His essay "Wet and Dry : The Evil Eye" is a standard text on the subject. In many beliefs, a person—otherwise not malefic in any way—can harm adults, children, livestock or possessions, simply by looking at them