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topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart the following year, and reached number two in Britain. Donovan was the first artist to be signed to CBS/Epic Records by then-new Administrative Vice President Clive Davis , who later became head of the CBS Record empire. Donovan was one of the leading

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1 Norse period 1.2 Final ancient deeds 2 Later history 2.1 Clancahill 2.1.1 The O Donovan 2.2 Clan Loughlin and Ballymore 2.3 Territory 3 Mythology and prehistory 4 DNA 5 John O Donovan 6 Wild Bill Donovan 7 People 8 See also 9 Notes 10 References 10

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win over the UCLA and again in 2007 with an 84–75 win over the Ohio State Buckeyes , making Donovan the first coach since Mike Krzyzewski to win back-to-back NCAA titles. He is one of only four men ( Dean Smith , Joe B. Hall and Bobby Knight being the others) to appear in the NCAA Final

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with the Canadian relay team, while finishing second in the 100 m behind Maurice Greene. While Donovan was at a basketball party he broke a bone in his foot, which made it hard to run fast. This bone that Donovan broke was very hard to fix, since it was behind his muscle and flesh. After

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McNabb led the Eagles to four consecutive NFC East division championships ( 2001 , 2002 , 2003 , and 2004 ), five NFC Championship Games ( 2001 , 2002 , 2003 , 2004 , and 2008 ), and one Super Bowl ( Super Bowl XXXIX , in which the Eagles were defeated by the New England Patriots ). Perhaps

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Jason Donovan is the son of actor Terence Donovan , who also appeared in Neighbours as Doug Willis , and Sue McIntosh . His half-sister is former Neighbours star Stephanie McIntosh . Donovan attended De La Salle College, Malvern . His girlfriend since 1998 and the mother of his children

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A winger with great skating ability, Donovan was drafted by the San Jose Sharks 27th overall in the 1993 NHL Entry Draft and played his first full season in 1995–96 . He spent four seasons with the Sharks before being traded to the Colorado Avalanche where he spent three seasons, contributing

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He is the son of Arthur Donovan , Sr. , a famed boxing referee, and the grandson of Professor Mike Donovan , the world middleweight boxing champion in the 1870s. Art attended Mount Saint Michael Academy in the Bronx. He spent four years in military service with the United States Marine Corps

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Donovan was born in Brooklyn , New York , USA. [ citation needed ] Her father was fashion photographer and film director Terence Donovan ; her mother Diana Donovan , is chairwoman of the English National Ballet School . She is sister to Rockstar Games founder Terry Donovan and half-sister

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viral videos . She is currently in charge of Creative Development. [ 4 ] Contents 1 Lisa Donovan on YouTube 2 Mainstream Success and MADtv 3 Personal Life 4 See also 5 Notes and references 6 External links [ edit ] Lisa Donovan on YouTube Donovan uploaded her first