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The Dirac delta function , or δ function , is (informally) a generalized function depending on a real parameter such that it is zero for all values of the parameter except when the parameter is zero, and its integral over the parameter from −∞ to ∞ is equal to one. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] It

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In mathematics , a Dirac measure is a measure δ x on a set X (with any σ -algebra of subsets of X ) defined by for a given and any measurable set A  ⊆  X . The Dirac measure is a probability measure , and in terms of probability it represents the almost sure outcome x

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In mathematics , a Dirac comb (also known as an impulse train and sampling function in electrical engineering ) is a periodic Schwartz distribution constructed from Dirac delta functions for some given period T . Some authors, notably Bracewell as well as some textbook authors

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The delta potential is a potential that gives rise to many interesting results in quantum mechanics. It consists of a time-independent Schrödinger equation for a particle in a potential well defined by a Dirac delta function in one dimension. For those familiar with the particle in

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Like the standard Dirac comb , the logarithmically-spaced Dirac comb consists of an infinite sequence of Dirac delta functions . In the case of the logarithmically-spaced comb, these are spaced in octave intervals, i.e., the delta functions are placed at positions 2 k f 0 , for all integers

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In mathematics , the Kronecker delta or Kronecker's delta , named after Leopold Kronecker , is a function of two variables , usually integers , which is 1 if they are equal and 0 otherwise. So, for example, δ 1,2 = 0 , but δ 3,3 = 1. It is written as the symbol δ ij , and treated

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A very popular application of delta -sigma conversion is in audio applications where a digital audio signal, as from an MP3 player, is converted into the analog audio signal which will be amplified and output by speakers or headphones. Because most of the modulator is a digital circuit, it

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In mathematics and, in particular, functional analysis , convolution is a mathematical operation on two functions f and g , producing a third function that is typically viewed as a modified version of one of the original functions. Convolution is similar to cross-correlation . It has applications

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In mathematics, a nascent delta function is a function δ a ( x ) that provides an approximation to the Dirac delta function , with the approximation becoming an identity in the limit that a approaches zero. That is, the delta function can be viewed as the limit of a sequence of functions

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