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Earthquake hits Ottawa, Canada print that page

According to the Canadian Press the earthquake was centred north of Thurso, Quebec , "approximately 45 kilometres east-northeast of Ottawa, said John Adams, a seismologist with Natural Resources Canada." Witness reports state somewhat violent shaking with little or no property or personal | 2015/7/9 21:40:05

Timekeeping will pause into the New Year with a 'Leap Second' print that page


atomic clocks by pausing (adding) a second, and thus let time pass without counting it for the Coordinated Universal Time or UTC on December 31st. The mark-time will occur on the last tick prior to the 2006 new year. The accuracy of atomic clocks is based upon the resonance of caesium

US government, music industry websites taken offline in web attack print that page


Federal Bureau of Investigation 's (FBI), Recording Industry Association of America 's (RIAA) and Universal Music (UMG)'s websites offline in apparently coordinated web attacks. Several other websites such as were also taken offline. At about 4:15 p.m. EST both

Eternal youth energy print that page

Eternal Youth Energy: Subject: Keyvan Shadafza is able by his mental ability to transfer (steer) universal energy to the body. This ability is capable of preventing aging of living cells or to keep active the cell replacement process for an indefinite time. Furthermore, its ultimate aim | 2012/10/26 11:52:10

Wikinews interviews Jon Greenspon, independent candidate for US President print that page

I think three of the most important issues that really face the next President aren’t Iraq, Universal Healthcare or Gender issues. We need to focus on core American issues: National Security, the Economy, and Congressional control. On National Security, America is a sovereign nation | 2015/7/10 23:32:02

Universal and FOX are shutting down "Firefly" t-shirt sites print that page

One cease and desist letter, for example, reads: "This firm represents Universal Studios Licensing, LLLP ( Universal "). As you presumably are aware, Universal owns the valuable copyrights and intellectual property in and to an assortment the theatrical motion picture "Serenity" and all | 2015/7/10 22:01:29

Fire in Universal Studios backlot print that page


The Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to a fully involved structure fire on the back lot of Universal City Studios in Universal City , California which occurred shortly after dawn. Reports indicate a fire and a explosion occurred around 4:45 local time. The fire continues to

Done Deal Enterprises is suing Universal Music,Young Money, and Cash Money!! print that page

12, 2012   On July 29, 2011 Done Deal Enterprises filed suit against Cash Money, Young Money, Universal Music, and Lil Wayne over Young Money's smash hit "Bedrock". Done Deal claims that their artist Blue Marley wrote the title and various other parts of the track months before Young Money | 2012/6/18 15:15:29

Coordinated terrorist attack hits London print that page


Three bomb explosions have hit London Underground trains, and a further bomb destroyed a bus in the city centre. The Metropolitan Police Service has initially confirmed that 33 people have been killed in the four explosions on London 's transport system this morning, and said the overall

Coordinated series of bombs kill at least 80 in India print that page

According to police sources, a series of seven coordinated bombs detonated in Jaipur , the capital of the state Rajasthan , in India on Tuesday, May 13. At least eighty people were killed and over two hundred injured in the attacks. The bombs went off over a period of twenty minutes and | 2008/5/14 19:08:36