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A contact print is a photographic image produced from film ; sometimes from a film negative , and sometimes from a film positive. The defining characteristic of a contact print is that the photographic result is made by exposing through the film negative or positive, onto a light sensitive

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photo printing machine. These steps are: Exposure of the image onto the sensitized paper using a contact printer or enlarger ; Processing of the latent image using the following chemical process: Development of the exposed image reduces the silver halide in the latent image to metallic

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A release print is a copy of a film that is sent to a movie theater for exhibition. Contents 1 Definitions 2 Workflow 2.1 Photochemical 2.2 Digital Intermediate 3 Release Print Stocks 4 Theatrical Projection 5 Production and Disposal 6 References [ edit

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of the card. With the onset of digital printing, and batch printing, it is now cost effective to print business cards in full color. To simulate the "raised print " effect of printing with engraved plates, a less-expensive process called thermography was developed that uses the application

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A relief print is an image created by a printmaking process where protruding surface faces of the matrix (printing plate or block) are inked; recessed areas are ink free. Printing the image is therefore a relatively simple matter of inking the face of the matrix and bringing it in firm contact

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The principle is the same for practically all card printers: the plastic card is passed through a thermal print head at the same time as a color ribbon. The color from the ribbon is transferred onto the card through the heat given out from the print head. The standard performance for card

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A carbon print is a photographic print with an image consisting of pigmented gelatin , rather than of silver or other metallic particles suspended in a uniform layer of gelatin, as in typical black-and-white prints, or of chromogenic dyes, as in typical photographic color prints. In

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photographers to use digital files to create negatives on transparency film. These negatives can be used to contact print , or in some cases if the negative is made large enough (about 4x5") they can be enlarged. It is different than the Digital negative file format, although this format

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typewriter, and with hoppers for blank cards and stackers for punched cards. Some keypunch models could print at the top of columns, the character punched in each of those columns. The small pieces punched out by a keypunch fell into a chad box , [ 1 ] [ 2 ] or (at IBM) chip box , or bit

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The albumen print , also called albumen silver print , was invented in 1850 by Louis Désiré Blanquart-Evrard , and was the first commercially exploitable method of producing a photographic print on a paper base from a negative . It used the albumen found in egg whites to bind the photographic