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operations in 1974 with an initial fleet of Dassault Falcon 20 and Bombardier Learjet aircraft. Contact Air became the first partner airline in the Team Lufthansa regional group in April 1996. On 16 October 2003 the airline introduced the new Lufthansa Regional brand and began operating

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A subsequent investigation concluded the pilot and the passengers had become incapacitated and had been suffering from hypoxia , a lack of oxygen to the body, meaning the pilot would have been unable to operate the aircraft. Towards the end of the flight, the left engine began to be starved

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sure, but we have traffic in sight now. 5:20:04 AARTCC JAL1628 heavy, Roger. Maintain visual contact with your traffic and, ah, can you say the altitude of the traffic? 5:20:14 JAL-1628 Uh, almost the same altitude. 5:20:21 AARTCC JAL 1628 Roger. Would you like a higher or lower

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A mid-air collision is an aviation accident in which two or more aircraft come into contact during flight. Owing to the relatively high velocities involved and any subsequent impact on the ground or sea, very severe damage or the total destruction of at least one of the aircraft involved

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cockpit warning to Delta 1989. [ 2 ] Boston was tracking Delta 1989 and not receiving any radio contact from the aircraft. In fact, Delta 1989 was in Cleveland airspace and in contact with Cleveland Area Control Center . The FAA had read Delta 1989 to be in Cleveland airspace and ordered

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replied "OK, tell you what, I will take down the river." [ 10 ] Altman was then instructed to contact Newark Liberty International Airport , and he acknow

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A KLM Lockheed L-049 Constellation airliner (named Nijmegen and registered PH-TEN) crashed into high ground near Glasgow Prestwick Airport , Scotland, on 20 October 1948, killing all 40 aboard. [ 1 ] A subsequent inquiry found that the accident was likely caused by the crew's reliance

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The 1994 Black Hawk shootdown incident , sometimes referred to as the Black Hawk Incident , was a friendly fire incident over northern Iraq that occurred on April 14, 1994 during Operation Provide Comfort (OPC). The pilots of two United States Air Force (USAF) F-15 fighter aircraft , operating

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The Air Miles concept was originated by British company Loyalty Management Group (LMG), which licensed local rights to the concept to various operators in different countries. It was originated by Sir Keith Mills , and began operating in the UK in November 1988. [ edit ] Licensing LMG was

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The procedure allows the receiving aircraft to remain airborne longer, extending its range or loiter time on station. A series of air refuelings can give range limited only by crew fatigue and engineering factors such as engine oil consumption. Because the receiver aircraft can be topped up