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The Academy Award for Animated Short Film is an award which has been given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as part of the Academy Awards every year since the 5th Academy Awards , covering the year 1931-32, to the present. This category was known as Short Subjects | 2011/9/1 3:54:34

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The film was also selected for the Sundance Film Festival and was short listed for an Academy Award , but was not nominated. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] It was also included in the Animation Show of Shows . Contents 1 Plot 2 Production 3 References 4 External links [ edit ] Plot The | 2010/9/26 12:53:09

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The Annie Award for Best Animated Short Subject is an Annie Award given annually to the best animated short film, except in 1999 and 2002. It was introduced in 1995. In 1998, the award was renamed to Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Short Subject , and renamed again to Outstanding | 2011/5/8 6:11:21

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and the marlin are brothers, swimming through the ocean together. An extended fantasy sequence is animated here by Petrov. Suddenly, he is woken up; the marlin tries to take advantage of the situation and escape (unsuccessfully). As the fish jumps out of the water, the old man sees for the

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Zelkowicz studied English and biopsychology before turning to animation. He is graduate of CalArts , for which The ErlKing was his thesis film, and has worked with the Will Vinton and Chiodo Brothers studios. [ 1 ] [ edit ] References ^ a b c Hofferman, Jon (17 April 2003). "Fresh | 2010/9/25 23:13:51

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The short 's prologue sums up the origins of Superman, and are as follows: "In the endless reaches of the universe, there once existed a planet known as Krypton , a planet that burned like a green star in the distant heavens. There, civilization was far advanced, and it brought forth a race

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Archive Volcano at the Internet Movie Database v   •   d   •   e 1940s Superman animated shorts Fleischer Studios Superman (a.k.a. The Mad Scientist ) • The Mechanical Monsters • Billion Dollar Limited •

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Strange Invaders animated short film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Strange Invaders Directed by Cordell Barker Produced by Jennifer Torrance Cordell Barker Distributed by National Film Board of Canada Release date(s) 2002 | 2010/9/27 1:56:48

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The Family That Dwelt Apart animated short ) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search The Family That Dwelt Apart Directed by Yvon Malette Produced by Wolf Koenig Narrated by E.B. White Music by Eldon Rathburn Distributed by National | 2010/9/25 3:48:44

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The short starts off as a figure dressed as Superman breaks into a bank and later a diamond deposit to steal money and gems. He then reports back and delivers his findings to his boss, a mafia don. Every paper in the city runs the story that Superman has gone bad, but Lois Lane does not believe