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eventually reduced to the duo of Simeon and Taylor, at which point they renamed themselves The Silver Apples , after the William Butler Yeats poem The Song of the Wandering Aengus . The arsenal of oscillators eventually grew (according to their first LP liner notes) to include "nine audio | 2011/8/7 10:30:30

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of his include Ingram Marshall , Mark Coniglio , and Lois V Vierk . Contents 1 Silver Apples of the Moon 2 Approach to music 3 Selected works 4 External links 4.1 Listening [ edit ] Silver Apples of the Moon Early electronic music was made using wave generators | 2011/5/9 12:51:31

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evolved into the actual band. [ 1 ] Others claim, however, that the name pays homage to Silver Apples , The Silver Beatles , and slang for blonde-haired Jewish people. [ 2 ] [ edit ] Touring Though Berman had avoided playing live for most of the band's existence, the Silver Jews embarked

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The story was published during the Cold War . The story serves as an allegory to the nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union . [ edit ] Plot summary The story, set in China, begins in a small pastoral town or village, apparently in a time or place where trade and | 2011/5/17 19:23:01

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A fairy (also faery , faerie , fay , fae ; euphemistically wee folk , good folk , people of peace , fair folk , etc.) [ 1 ] is a type of mythical being or legendary creature , a form of spirit , often described as metaphysical , supernatural or preternatural . Fairies resemble various

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large and caring family. An asthma attack on a Monday that should have killed him brings him into contact with Mister Monday, who rules the Lower House. He eventually finds his way to the Lower House himself, where he is to find the cure to a plague brought to his world by dog faced 'Fetchers

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The Garrett novels, in order, are: Sweet Silver Blues (1987) Bitter Gold Hearts (1988) Cold Copper Tears (1988) Old Tin Sorrows (1989) Dread Brass Shadows (1990) Red Iron Nights (1991) Deadly Quicksilver Lies (1994) Petty Pewter Gods (1995) Faded Steel Heat (1999) Angry

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Many of the techniques found in contact juggling, such as balancing or rolling a single ball or palm spinning (see " Baoding Balls "), have been performed for centuries. More variations were introduced by vaudevillians such as Paul Cinquevalli . In 1986, American juggler Tony Duncan was reported | 2011/8/30 2:36:45

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for sure, and between smallpox and other foreign diseases, raids from neighbouring tribes in pre Contact decades (see Nicola's War ) and ensuing famine, the St'at'imc were already reduced in population before the impacts of colonialism and industry reduced them even further. Because of agriculture

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of North American gamers. Grasshopper later collaborated with Marvelous Interactive to release Contact for the Nintendo DS . The game was a much smaller hit than killer7 , as Suda51 instead opted for a more " family friendly " title. Contact is the s