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it had come from, but with their own vision. It took time and a few line up changes before Mad Heads became a band able to succeed with such a hard task, but since they were ready there was nothing to stop them. Their debut album “ Psycholula ” was out in 1996 on Crazy Love Records in

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Bennett was born in London , England, educated at King's College School , London; Royal Military Academy, Woolwich ; Royal School of Military Engineering , Chatham; and the School of Oriental Studies , London. He was a Fellow of the Institute of Fuel, London, from 1938 onwards; Chairman, Conference

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football where it is subject to obstruction rules. It is completely banned in soccer . Even full contact rugby football codes and ice hockey ( body checking ) which allow such contact only on a player in possession, as does gaelic football . The concept of shepherding, however, is very

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master. Contents 1 Kor's Appearence 2 Kor's Powers 3 The Existance Theory 4 Metal Heads [ edit ] Kor's Appearence Although Kor is a shape-shifter, his "true" form is a large, scorpion-like beast, with human arms, a large tail with Metal-Head eggs on it, and a face that

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In the movie, Milland plays Dr. Maxwell Kirshner, a dying, wealthy racist who demands that his head be transplanted onto a healthy body. As his health rapidly deteriorates, there remains only one alternative: graft Kirshner's head onto the body of a black death row inmate, Jack Moss, played

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fictional universe of the Babylon 5 television series. They were the first alien species to make open contact with the human race. [ 1 ] :154 Their homeworld is Centauri Prime, a small Earth-like planet consisting of two large continents and several smaller islands divided by large oceans

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Time. [ 1 ] Contents 1 Fictional character biography 1.1 Pre-Crisis 1.1.1 Raymond Maxwell Jensen 1.2 Post-Crisis 1.2.1 Rudy Jones Superman: Secret Origin 1.2.2 Alex and Alexandra Allston 2 Powers and abilities 3 Other versions 3.1 Superman: Red

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never worked properly. Naturally, this frustrating situation provides fuel for comedy. Whenever Maxwell Smart ("Agent 86") wants to speak to his boss ("Chief") about a top secret matter, "86" would insist on using the comically defective technology despite being reminded that it never works

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In 1972, Kinney National Company spun off its non-entertainment assets due to a financial scandal over its parking operations and renamed itself Warner Communications Inc . It was the parent company for Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Music Group during the 1970s and 1980s. It also owned

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grasp of the instrument. After some practice and playing together they founded the group Talking Heads which had its first gig in 1975. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] Multi-instrumentalist Jerry Harrison joined the group in 1977. During his time in the band, Byrne took on outside projects, collaborating