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intelligible [ citation needed ] , somewhat analogous to the species barrier in biology . Language contact can occur at language borders , [ 2 ] between adstratum languages, or as the result of migration , with an intrusive language acting as either a superstratum or a substratum . Language | 2011/9/14 23:00:11

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The Indo -European languages are a family (or phylum ) of several hundred related languages and dialects , [ 1 ] including most major languages of Europe , the Iranian plateau , and South Asia , and historically also predominant in Anatolia . With written attestations appearing since the | 2011/9/10 18:00:23

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inhabitants was long known to maritime powers and traders of the South– and Southeast–Asia region, contact with these peoples was highly sporadic and very often hostile; as a result, almost nothing is recorded of them or their languages until the mid-18th century. From the 1860s onwards

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[ edit ] Language groups Most languages spoken in the Caribbean belong to one of four major Indo -European language families: English, Spanish, French and Dutch. These belong to language families concentrated or originating outside of the Caribbean continent, primarily Europe . Since the

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The Indo -Aryan languages (within the context of Indo -European studies also Indic [ 1 ] ) constitutes a branch of the Indo -Iranian languages , itself a branch of the Indo -European language family. Indo -Aryan speakers form about one half (approx 1.5 billion) of all Indo -European speakers | 2011/9/28 15:09:33

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ambiguous or circumstantial evidence cited by proponents. Only one instance of pre-Columbian European contact – the Norse settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, Canada c. 1000 CE – is regarded by scholars as demonstrated. [ 1 ] The scientific responses to other pre-Columbian

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Australian English , British English , Canadian English , Caribbean English , Hiberno-English , Indo -Pakistani English , Nigerian English , New Zealand English , Philippine English , Singaporean English , and South African English . According to the Ethnologue , there are over 1 billion speakers | 2011/3/10 14:13:17

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A goal of comparative historical linguistics is to identify instances of genetic relatedness amongst languages [ 1 ] . The steps in quantitative analysis are (i) to devise a procedure based on theoretical grounds, on a particular model or on past experience, etc. (ii) to verify the procedure | 2011/2/2 15:35:12

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Island in the Solomon Islands . Contents 1 History 2 Theories 2.1 Pre-Columbian contact with the Americas 2.2 Post-colonization 2.3 Experimental research 3 Notes 4 References 5 External links [ edit ] History A projection of the Polynesian triangle on

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It should not be confused with Petjo , a different Dutch- and Malay-based creole also spoken by Indo Eurasians. With the loss of the generation that lived in the Dutch East Indies era this language has almost died out. [ edit ] Notes ^ Willems, Wim Sporen van een Indisch verleden (1600 | 2011/5/22 8:29:20