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A cone is a three- dimensional geometric shape that tapers smoothly from a flat, usually circular base to a point called the apex or vertex . More precisely, it is the solid figure bounded by a plane base and the surface (called the lateral surface ) formed by the locus of all straight

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Classic geometry was focused in compass and straightedge constructions . Geometry was revolutionized by Euclid , who introduced mathematical rigor and the axiomatic method still in use today. His book, The Elements is widely considered the most influential textbook of all time, and was

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In mathematics , solid geometry was the traditional name for the geometry of three-dimensional Euclidean space — for practical purposes the kind of space we live in. It was developed following the development of plane geometry . Stereometry deals with the measurements of volumes

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Given the problem of the aerodynamic design of the nose cone section of any vehicle or body meant to travel through a compressible fluid medium (such as a rocket or aircraft , missile or bullet ), an important problem is the determination of the nose cone geometrical shape for optimum

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This is a list of books in computational geometry . There are two major, largely nonoverlapping categories: Combinatorial computational geometry , which deals with collections of discrete objects or defined in discrete terms: points, lines, polygons, polytopes, etc., and algorithms of discrete

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For over two thousand years, the adjective "Euclidean" was unnecessary because no other sort of geometry had been conceived. Euclid's axioms seemed so intuitively obvious that any theorem proved from them was deemed true in an absolute, often metaphysical, sense. Today, however, many other

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In mathematics , conformal geometry is the study of the set of angle-preserving ( conformal ) transformations on a space. In two real dimensions, conformal geometry is precisely the geometry of Riemann surfaces . In more than two dimensions, conformal geometry may refer either to the study

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surface area and the volume of a cylinder have been known since deep antiquity. In differential geometry , a cylinder is defined more broadly as any ruled surface spanned by a one-parameter family of parallel lines. A cylinder whose cross section is an ellipse , parabola , or hyperbola

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from any position in space. All images are represented on a two-dimensional surface. Descriptive geometry uses the image-creating technique of imaginary, parallel projectors emanating from an imaginary object and intersecting an imaginary plane of projection at right angles. The cumulative

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A cone (from the Greek κῶνος , Latin conus ) is a basic geometrical shape; see cone geometry ) . Cone may also refer to: Contents 1 Mathematics 2 Engineering and physical science 3 People 4 Music, film, literature and art 5 Business 6 Computing 7 Biology 8