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Haskell/Thinking with types print that page

syntactic sugar , a nicer way to do a common task. Char s are created with single quotes and lists are comma separated values between [ and ] . So the String "cat" is really a [Char] . Let's test this out: λ ['c','a','t'] "cat" Yep! When we give GHCi a [Char] it responds by showing | 2017/10/21 6:26:12

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types used to group other values. The most versatile is the list, which can be written as a list of comma separated values (items) between square brackets. Lists might contain items of different types, but usually the items all have the same type. [2] list = [ 1 , 2 , 3 ] for item | 2018/7/11 21:56:04

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math, and we need to do that now. Use the symbol pf(X) to mean "the prime factors of X". Use a comma separated list of numbers of "pf(X)" symbols between parentheses to mean a multi-set of prime factors. So (pf(45),2,5) means "multi-set that includes the prime-factors of 45 and the prime | 2015/10/25 15:48:41

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JavaScript has a language that allows scripts to be more logically operated than a batch file. The language is not of the application running the environment. JavaScript interacts with the specific languages used in several technologies. By setting out a language, beyond the environmental

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Copy and paste the code above into one of the following free online development environments or use your own Python3 compiler / interpreter / IDE. CodeChef Ideone paiza.IO PythonTutor Python Fiddle TutorialsPoint See Also [ edit ] Python Programming Wikibooks: Python Programming | 2017/10/22 13:34:34

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exist outside of square! A function can take multiple arguments with any two adjacent arguments separated by a comma if more than one exists as demonstrated in the next example. def somemath ( x , y ): print (( x ** 2 ) + y ) somemath ( 2 , 3 ) somemath ( 3 , 2 ) The following | 2017/10/19 1:18:43

Python Concepts/Tuples print that page

memory will also be important later in the course. To create a tuple, you create a group of items separated by a comma ( , ). Even though Python adds parentheses around a group of items, it isn't required because it wouldn't change the meaning of the tuple. spam = 1 , 2 , 3 spam | 2017/12/19 17:15:44

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value pairs, with the requirement that the keys are unique (within one dictionary). Placing a comma separated list of key:value pairs within braces adds initial key:value pairs to the dictionary. [2] dictionary = { 'cat' : 'Frisky' , 'dog' : 'Spot' , 'fish' : 'Bubbles' , } print | 2017/10/8 8:32:24

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1) The aim is to present the general principles of the database systems with a practical focus, and some implementation assignments. Those assignments may or may not include some programming 2)The course assumes that students have some programming or strong logical reasoning skills in programming | 2016/5/25 23:45:00

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to support the creation of a perl program to turn a list of file names into an attendance cvs comma separated variable) spreadsheet. This is focused on a windows machine. Installation and testing of installation Directory listing of files in a folder | 2015/11/3 17:46:34