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In very low light levels, vision is scotopic : light is detected by rod cells of the retina. Rods are maximally sensitive to wavelengths near 500 nm, and play little, if any, role in color vision . In brighter light, such as daylight, vision is photopic : light is detected by cone cells

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Color Visión began regularly scheduled programming on November 30, 1969, in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros . The first transmissions were from the Matun hotel, in Santiago. In 1970, Color Visión moved its daily transmissions to Santo Domingo . There, Color Visión used the famous | 2010/9/25 7:01:04

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Color vision requires a number of opsin molecules with different absorbance peaks, and at least three opsins were present in the ancestor of chelicerates and pancrustaceans ; members of both these groups today possess color vision . [ 1 ] [ edit ] Vertebrates Researchers studying the | 2011/5/14 23:38:37

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A Lab color space is a color -opponent space with dimension L for lightness and a and b for the color -opponent dimensions, based on nonlinearly compressed CIE XYZ color space coordinates. The coordinates of the Hunter 1948 L , a , b color space are L , a , and b . [ 1 ] [ 2 | 2011/7/31 18:42:57

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Machine vision application developers know that considerable emphasis has been placed on choosing the correct lighting to achieve maximum contrast. While correct lighting can overcome many imaging problems, the wrong lighting can cause even the most sophisticated system to run too slow or

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The evolution of color vision in primates is unique compared to most eutherian mammals . While our remote vertebrate ancestors possessed tetrachromacy , [ 1 ] our nocturnal , warm-blooded , mammalian ancestors lost two of four cones in the retina at the time of dinosaurs . Most teleost | 2010/9/25 12:26:58

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The symptoms of color blindness also can be produced by physical or chemical damage to the eye , optic nerve , or the brain generally. These are not true color blindness, however, but they represent conditions of limited actual blindness. Similarly, a person with achromatopsia , although

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Because perception of color stems from the varying spectral sensitivity of different types of cone cells in the retina to different parts of the spectrum, colors may be defined and quantified by the degree to which they stimulate these cells. These physical or physiological quantifications

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yellow , [ 1 ] though the set of red , yellow , blue is popular among artists. [ 2 ] See RGB color model , CMYK color model , and RYB color model for more on these popular sets of primary colors. Any choice of primary colors is essentially arbitrary; for example, an early color photographic | 2011/8/27 23:06:30

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The following are common definitions related to the machine vision field. Extended versions of all definitions and verifiable sources can be found in their hyperlinked Wikipedia articles. General related fields Machine vision Computer vision Image processing Signal processing