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Charles Kennedy, former Liberal Democrats leader, dies aged 55 print that page


in the 2015 general election to the Scottish National Party just under a month ago. He led the Liberal Democrats from 1999 until his resignation in 2006. Kennedy first became a Member of Parliament in 1983 at age 23, becoming the youngest MP at the time. He was elected to represent the

Major haemorrhage linked to alcoholism announced as cause of Charles Kennedy's death print that page


His family said in the statement, Charles 's death was caused by a major haemorrhage and the report makes clear this was a consequence of his battle with alcoholism. We are grateful to the many friends and also medical experts who sought to help down the years but ultimately this was an illness

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A senior party source claimed Mr Kennedy is holding weekly meetings with key aids about preparing to contest the Liberal Democrats current leader , Sir Menzies Campbell . It is also claimed Mr Kennedy is “deadly serious” about the challenge. The source added that if Sir Menzies fails

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Four declared contenders in the Liberal Democrats leadership contest today addressed party members at the London School of Economics. The contest was initiated after Charles Kennedy admitted in a press conference that he had previously sought professional help for an alcohol problem.

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British Liberal Democrat Patsy Calton, 56, dies of cancer print that page

smoking in enclosed public spaces. Acting as the party's health spokesman, she supported the Bath Liberal Democrats anti-smoking initiatives in the 2004 spring conference. She is survived by her husband Clive Calton, who worked as her researcher at the House of Commons , and her son and

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Vincent Cable will become acting leader while a leadership election takes place. Home Affairs spokesman Nick Clegg and environment spokesman Chris Huhne are considered to be possible candidates. Campbell, 66, was elected leader in January 2006 after Charles Kennedy stood down. Since

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Just days after the introduction of the partial ban on smoking in England , the Liberal Democrats Member of Parliament , Charles Kennedy has been caught smoking on a train today. The incident occurred on the 1105 BST ( UTC+1 ) Paddington to Plymouth First Great Western service. The