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squamosals . The snout is pointed with a rounded tip, about as long as the diameter of the orbit , the canthus rostralis is distinct, the loral region is concave. The nostril is located much nearer to the end of the snout than to the eye. The interorbital space is broader than the upper eyelid

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] Commissures The lateral palpebral commissure (commissura palpebrarum lateralis; external canthus ) is more acute than the medial, and the eyelids here lie in close contact with the bulb of the eye. The medial palpebral commissure (commissura palpebrarum medialis; internal canthus

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distinctly longer than the orbit; forehead concave; upper head-scales unequal, smooth or feebly keeled; Canthus rostralis and supraciliary edge sharp; a row of 3 or 4 compressed spines above the posterior part of the tympanum, the diameter of which is less than half that of the orbit; 9 or

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The Canthus is either corner of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids meet. Canthus may also refer to: Canthus of the eye, also called the orbital canthus Canthus (herpetology) , the sides of the snout in reptiles in amphibians Canthus (mythology) , one of the Argonauts Canthus

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In snakes and amphibians , the canthus , canthal ridge or canthus rostralis , [ 1 ] is the angle between the flat crown of the head and the side of the head between the eye and the snout. [ 2 ] More specifically, between the supraocular scale and the rostral scale . It is defined as

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Head much depressed; snout longer than the diameter of the orbit ; nostril lateral, below the canthus rostralis , slightly tubular. Upper head-scales smooth or feebly keeled: occipital not enlarged; small closely-set spinose scales on the sides of the head near the ear, and on the neck;

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hinder edge of the choanae . Head is depressed and triangular, snout subacuminate and prominent. The canthus rostralis is angular and loreal region nearly vertical and strongly concave. The Inter-orbital space is broad as the upper eyelid or rather broader in some cases. The tympanum is

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Head narrow, elongate, with angular canthus rostralis and slightly concave lores; eye moderate or rather small. Rostral once and one third to twice as broad as long; suture between the internasals nearly as long as that between the prefrontals; frontal much longer than its distance from the

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Reptilia and batrachia volume : Snout pointed, prominent, generally longer than the orbital diameter; canthus rostralis angular: loreal region flat, vertical; nostril halfway between the eye and the tip of the snont; interorbital space as broad as the upper eyelid; tympanum small, indistinct

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smooth or obtusely keeled, the scales being larger on the sinciput (brow) than on the occiput . The canthus rostralis and supraciliary (brow) has a clear and sharp edge two small separated spines or groups of spines above the ear present or absent ; diameter of the tympanum half or a little