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grammar, dates, names, places and any other such faux pas liberally; all spellings however are in Canadian English and not American. Contents The Fathers of Confederation at the Quebec Conference, October 10-27, 1864 Preface Introduction The First Settlers North America Before

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untrue or partially untrue. Many of these myths have to do with topics such as weather, culture and history . Common myths [ edit ] Myth #1- Canadians do not have paved roads. Canadians drive cars, ride bikes, walk and use public transit to get around, just as Americans do. In some more

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By the 1860s, Great Britain became really concerned that Canada was more of a shining star than an asset to the Empire. British politicians did not like the expense of providing for the defence of the North American colonies from real or perceived threats from the Americans. The American Civil

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Canada is a land of vast distances and rich natural resources. Canada was founded in 1867, though it still retains ties to the United Kingdom through the Commonwealth agreement. Canada has strong historic ties with both France and the United Kingdom and has traditionally supported and sided

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As there are no written records maintained from the era prior to the coming of Europeans to North America, there is no exact information on how the people now referred to as "Native Americans" came to the continent. There have been theories proposed to explain the coming of the people, with

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The following is a Wikibook textbook on Canadian history . It is comprised of information compiled from various sources listed within the Bibliography by individuals like yourself. A Wikibook can be edited by anyone who wants to expand the usability and correctness of the work, however, please

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Upon reaching North America these newcomers found an abundance of prey and land and spread across the continent ... Discuss how they spread, then in the next chapter talk about the various "Native" people. Forward to the People of the Lands ›

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Rewriting History : Louis Riel as a Hero Horizons: Canada Moves West (Prentice Hall) Contributors nmontague talons2009 Special Thanks NASA - Supplying quality public domain images of North America for diagrams.

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Northern United States of America. The word Métis means "mixed race" in French. Contents 1 History 2 Territory 3 Food and hunting 4 Religion 5 Identity History [ edit ] In the 17th and 18th centuries there were two groups of Métis - one English speaking and one French

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Michel Marc Bouchard 15.1 "The water carriers" Sharon Pollock [ edit ] Representative of Canadian theatre in the English language since World War II, Sharon Pollock (1936-?) specializes in plays on historical events in Canada and the USA, notably "The Komagata Maru incident" (1976