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In mathematics , in the field of differential equations , a boundary value problem is a differential equation together with a set of additional restraints, called the boundary conditions . A solution to a boundary value problem is a solution to the differential equation which also satisfies | 2011/5/25 17:06:03

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In mathematics , an elliptic boundary value problem is a special kind of boundary value problem which can be thought of as the stable state of an evolution problem . For example, the Dirichlet problem for the Laplacian gives the eventual distribution of heat in a room several hours | 2011/5/5 6:56:08

Lagrange's identity (boundary value problem) print that page

In the study of ordinary differential equations and their associated boundary value problems , Lagrange's identity , named after Joseph Louis Lagrange , gives the boundary terms arising from integration by parts of a self-adjoint linear differential operator . Lagrange's identity is fundamental | 2011/9/18 6:48:21

Boundary-value analysis print that page

-------------|------------------- invalid partition 1 valid partition invalid partition 2 The boundary between two partitions is the place where the behavior of the application changes and is not a real number itself. The boundary value is the minimum (or maximum) value that is at the | 2011/5/17 1:27:18

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undeclared confrontation in 1838/1839 between the United States and Great Britain over the international boundary between British North America (Canada) and Maine. The dispute resulted in a mutually accepted border between the state of Maine and the provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec | 2011/3/29 21:08:39

Cauchy boundary condition print that page

In mathematics , a Cauchy (pronounced /koʊˈʃiː/ ) boundary condition imposed on an ordinary differential equation or a partial differential equation specifies both the values a solution of a differential equation is to take on the boundary of the domain and the normal derivative | 2011/8/26 3:57:58

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paradox 1.1 Paradox of the heap 1.2 Variations 2 Proposed resolutions 2.1 Setting a fixed boundary 2.2 Unknowable boundaries (or Epistemicism) 2.3 Supervaluationism 2.4 Truth gaps, gluts, and many-valued logics 2.5 Hysteresis 2.6 Group consensus 3 See also 4 References | 2011/5/8 17:44:41

Minimal negation operator print that page

the terms are disjoint. The minimal negation operator ( mno ) has a legion of aliases: logical boundary operator , limen operator , threshold operator , or least action operator , to name but a few. The rationale for these names is visible in the venn diagrams of the corresponding operations | 2011/3/25 21:50:02

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A Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point , abbreviated GSSP , is an internationally agreed upon stratigraphic section which serves as the reference section for a particular boundary on the geologic time scale . The effort to define GSSPs is conducted by the International Commission

Critical value print that page

In differential topology , a critical value of a differentiable function ƒ : M → N between differentiable manifolds is the image value ) ƒ( x ) in N of a critical point x in M . The basic result on critical values is Sard's lemma . The set of critical values can be quite irregular | 2011/4/18 21:12:54