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Mikuni & Co. Questions U.S. Ability to Finance Debts print that page

Have an opinion on this story? Post it! [ edit ] Sources Politonomist com " Japanese Credit Agency Questions U.S. Debt Rating ". December 26th, 2008 Bloomberg com " Japan Should Scrap U.S. Debt; Dollar May Plummet, Mikuni Says ". December 23rd, 2008 More on : December 27, 2008 | 2008/12/30 0:55:02

NYC Mayor Bloomberg's Obama comments raise speculation of presidential bid print that page


Though he rarely involves himself in national politics, Bloomberg felt it necessary to discuss the failure of the twelve person super-committee, which Congress commissioned last summer at the president's urging as part of the debt-ceiling compromise . The committee, which was supposed to find

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent US$108 million on third term bid print that page


According to internal campaign documents New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent $108,371,685.01 dollars ( € 75m, ₤ 66m) on his recent campaign for reelection. A large percentage of the money spent went to victory bonuses for his staff. In the 2009 election Bloomberg beat his

Media speculate over possible presidential bid by Michael Bloomberg print that page


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is prepared to spend one billion dollars of his own money for a 2008 White House bid, the Washington Times reports, citing his friends and "close associates" . However, Mayor Bloomberg yesterday made light of Senator Chuck Hagel 's suggestion that print that page

Websites to save the day (Sort Of), and potentially the most noteworthy of all those Sites is Groupon com . Comencing in the U.S. over 24 months ago, and rumoured to have knocked back an offer of US$6Billion from Google, they recently launched an IPO for around US$18Billion. These Coupon | 2012/3/7 6:55:25

Wikimedia Foundation and announce partnership print that page

The Wikimedia Foundation , the mother organization of the popular Wikipedia encyclopedia, and Answers com , a search engine company, announced a new partnership. This partnership will lead to the development of a special edition of Answers com 's 1-Click Answers tool , called 1-Click Answers | 2015/7/10 22:57:41

Bloomberg and Clinton create green alliance print that page


Former President Bill Clinton and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg have revealed plans to merge their climate leadership groups C40 and the Clinton Climate Initiative on Wednesday. File image of Bill Clinton. Image: MSGT Renee Humble. Bloomberg serves as the chair for C40

Chess master Bobby Fischer dead at 64 print that page


Arnold and Robin Stringer. " Bobby Fischer, Enigmatic U.S. Chess Champ, Dies at 64 (Update1) " —  Bloomberg com , January 18, 2008 Kristin Arna Bragadottir. " Chess legend Bobby Fischer dies in Iceland " —  Reuters , January 18, 2008 " Brilliant chess master, world-class eccentric suffers user revolt print that page

The popular social news site Digg com was suffering from what appears to be a user revolt in response to the deletion of several articles revealing the encryption keys for HD-DVD, which would allow individuals to remove the encryption from HD-DVDs. Users are posting articles with links to | 2015/7/9 21:08:24

Indonesian suspected bird flu case dies; symptoms included encephalitis print that page


Karima Anjani and Aloysius Unditu. " Bird Flu Kills 150th Person; May Have Infected Brain " —  Bloomberg com , October 16, 2006 " PASIEN FLU BURUNG RSHS MENINGGAL " —  Metro TV News , October 16, 2006 ( Indonesian ) " Avian influenza – situation in Indonesia – update 14 " —