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The bionic contact lens are being developed to provide a virtual display that could have a variety of uses from assisting the visually impaired to the video game industry. [ 1 ] The device will have the form of a conventional contact lens with added bionics technology. [ 2 ] The lens will

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Derivatives of the EEG technique include evoked potentials (EP), which involves averaging the EEG activity time-locked to the presentation of a stimulus of some sort (visual, somatosensory , or auditory). Event-related potentials (ERPs) refer to averaged EEG responses that are time-locked

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A cyborg is a being with both biological and artificial (e.g. electronic, mechanical or robotic) parts. The term was coined in 1960 when Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline used it in an article about the advantages of self-regulating human-machine systems in outer space. [ 1 ] D. S. Halacy

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Since their first appearance in 1963 there have been a number of variant models of the Daleks , a fictional alien race in the long-running BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who . Daleks are not robots . As first seen in the serial The Daleks , the outward manifestation is

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Haptic technology has made it possible to investigate in detail how the human sense of touch works by allowing the creation of carefully controlled haptic virtual objects. These objects are used to systematically probe human haptic capabilities, which would otherwise be difficult to achieve

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The contemporary meaning of the term "transhumanism" was foreshadowed by one of the first professors of futurology , FM-2030 , who taught "new concepts of the Human" at The New School of New York City in the 1960s , when he began to identify people who adopt technologies, lifestyles and world

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An ocular prosthesis or artificial eye (a type of Craniofacial prosthesis ) replaces an absent natural eye following an enucleation , evisceration , or orbital exenteration . The prosthetic fits over an orbital implant and under the eyelids . Often referred to as a glass eye , the ocular

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Cook was born in Oshawa , Ontario and spent most of her life growing up in Whitby where she attended Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute . Her father, Mike, is a teacher and her mother, Sandra, works as a psychiatrist. [ 2 ] She has three siblings, Nathan, Paul, and Angela. Cook is

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This project had to be lodged within an evolutionary frame due to: (1) the evidence of dramatic encephalization found in the fossil record of extinct human ancestors, and the fact that cultural variation was conceived as the primary mode of human adaptation (see Evolutionary neuroscience

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Yossi Gross was born in Budapest, Hungary. He immigrated to Israel with his Holocaust survivor parents at the age of three. His parents and family live on Moshav Mazor . [ 1 ] [ 3 ] Gross received an MSc degree in 1976 in aeronautical engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology