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is situated near motorway (M2) in the west at a distance of 11 km from Salam interchange. Lower Bhalwal Canal is passing at its north side at a distance of 3 km. It also lies on Sargodha – Malikwal – Lalamusa section of Pakistan Railway and has a railway station. Bhalwal is an agricultural | 2011/5/17 16:13:12

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administratively subdivided into the following Union Councils: [ 1 ] Chak 5 SB. Ali Pur Syedan Bhabra Bhalwal -I (Urban) Bhalwal -Ii (Urban) Bhalwal -Iii (Urban) Bhalwal -Iv (Urban) Bhera-I (Urban) Bhera-Ii (Urban) Butcha Kalan Chabba Purana Chak No. 10/Ml Chak No. 02/Nb.. | 2011/7/13 16:56:12

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The Potohar plateau, or sometimes pronounced Pothohar Plateau ( Urdu : سطح مرتفع پوٹھوہار ), is a large region of plateau situated in northern Punjab , Pakistan . It is bounded on the east by the Jhelum River , on the west by the Indus River , on the north by the Kala Chitta

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The Gondal are one of the Jat clans (tribes) found mainly in Punjab , Pakistan . They are also a few in Punjab , India . Contents 1 History of the Gondal 1.1 Theory 1 1.2 Theory 2 1.3 Theory 3 1.4 Theory 4 2 Location and distribution 3 Famous towns with the name of | 2011/9/15 0:02:48

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It is located on the mid of Lahore - Islamabad motorway (M2) at the left bank of river Jhelum near Southern Salt Range in Sargodha District. Before independence in 1947, Bhera was located in Shahpur District . Bhera is surrounded by green fields and its importance increased due to Motorway | 2011/10/4 4:14:32

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Adda · Chak 21 S.B. · Aminabad Noon · Ali Pur Noon · Atta Abad Noon · Batree Shahabdin Di · Bhalwal · Bhera · Ali Pur Syedan · Ranjhianwala · Sheikh Da Lok · Kasu Pur (Dulhar) · Turti pur · Kohlian · Chak No.96 S.B · Chack No 111 N.B · Chack No 113 N.B · Chack No 114 N.B | 2010/9/25 13:07:46

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Murree Tehsil is located in the northernmost part of Punjab province where it borders the North West Frontier Province . The hill resort city of Murree is the capital city of this area. Contents 1 Administration 2 History 2.1 2005 earthquake 3 Tribes 4 Murree hills culture | 2010/9/26 18:43:44

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The area is well known for Khewra Salt Mines , Asia 's largest salt mine , in use for over 2000 years, and which features an underground mosque . The area has a long history going back to the time of Alexander the Great 's invasion (see Punjab (Pakistan) ). The small town of Jalalpur Sharif

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The town developed in the late 19th century during the rule of the British empire . It was planned to be an agricultural business hub or mandi ("wholesale market"). It was a planned town developed after canals were built for agricultural purposes and a railway line was established. Even today

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population according to the 1998 census of Pakistan [ 3 ] : Tehsil Population No. of Unions Bhalwal 820,000 53 Kot Momin 420,000 30 Sahiwal 236,000 14 Sargodha 1,081,000 62 Shahpur 274,000 16 Sillanwali 255,000 16 Total 3'086'000'0 161 [ edit ] Media | 2011/6/6 16:37:46