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Asia is defined according to similar definitions presented by the Encyclopedia Britannica [ 4 ] and the National Geographic Society [ 5 ] as 4/5 of the landmass of Eurasia – with the western portion of the latter occupied by Europe – located to the east of the Suez Canal , east of the

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The .asia domain opened to registrations on a first-come, first-served basis on 26 March 2008. The sunrise period for .asia began on 9 October 2007, and ended on 31 January 2008. From 20 February 2008 to 12 March 2008, .asia was in the land rush state. Anyone meeting the .asia registration

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People with the surname Poor: Charles Henry Poor , a US Navy officer Charles Lane Poor , an astronomer Edward Erie Poor , a vice president of the National Park Bank Enoch Poor , a brigadier-general in the American Revolutionary War Any of several people named Henry Poor (disambiguation

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Dichotomy A From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Dichotomy A Studio album by GRITS Released 2004 Genre Christian hip hop Label Gotee Records Professional reviews Christianity Today link Jesus Freak Hideout link The Phantom

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Southeast Asia consists of two geographic regions: Mainland Southeast Asia , also known as Indochina, comprises Cambodia , Laos , Burma (Myanmar), Thailand , Vietnam and Peninsular Malaysia , and Maritime Southeast Asia , which is analogous to the Malay Archipelago , comprises Brunei , East

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Various definitions of its exact composition exist, and no one definition is universally accepted. Despite this uncertainty in defining borders, it does have some important overall characteristics. For one, Central Asia has historically been closely tied to its nomadic peoples and the Silk

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According to the United Nations geographical region classification , [ 2 ] Southern Asia comprises the countries of Afghanistan , Bangladesh , Bhutan , India , Iran , Maldives , Nepal , Pakistan , and Sri Lanka . By other definitions and interpretations ( see below ) , Burma and Tibet are

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A Legendary saga or Fornaldarsaga (literally, a tale of times past ) is a Norse saga that, unlike the Icelanders' sagas , takes place before the colonization of Iceland . [ 1 ] There are some exceptions, such as Yngvars saga víðförla , which takes place in the 11th century. The sagas

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The ACC Asia Cup is an international men's One Day International cricket tournament. It was established in 1983 when the Asian Cricket Council was founded as a measure to promote goodwill between Asian countries. It was originally scheduled to be held every two years. The first tournament

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The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is a membership association working to promote the responsible development of travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific region. Contents 1 History 1.1 Beginnings 1.2 1950s 1.3 1960s 1.4 1970s 1.5 1980s 1.6 1990s 1.7 2000s