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Asia is defined according to similar definitions presented by the Encyclopedia Britannica [ 4 ] and the National Geographic Society [ 5 ] as 4/5 of the landmass of Eurasia – with the western portion of the latter occupied by Europe – located to the east of the Suez Canal , east of the

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The .asia domain opened to registrations on a first-come, first-served basis on 26 March 2008. The sunrise period for .asia began on 9 October 2007, and ended on 31 January 2008. From 20 February 2008 to 12 March 2008, .asia was in the land rush state. Anyone meeting the .asia registration | 2011/5/20 14:54:30

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People with the surname Poor: Charles Henry Poor , a US Navy officer Charles Lane Poor , an astronomer Edward Erie Poor , a vice president of the National Park Bank Enoch Poor , a brigadier-general in the American Revolutionary War Any of several people named Henry Poor (disambiguation | 2010/10/13 6:13:04

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Dichotomy A From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Dichotomy A Studio album by GRITS Released 2004 Genre Christian hip hop Label Gotee Records Professional reviews Christianity Today link Jesus Freak Hideout link The Phantom

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Southeast Asia consists of two geographic regions: Mainland Southeast Asia , also known as Indochina, comprises Cambodia , Laos , Burma (Myanmar), Thailand , Vietnam and Peninsular Malaysia , and Maritime Southeast Asia , which is analogous to the Malay Archipelago , comprises Brunei , East

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