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External links [ edit ] History [ edit ] Formation and Fingers Crossed (2000–2003) Architecture in Helsinki developed from a late 1990s group, the short-lived teenage funk - grunge outfit, The Pixel Mittens. [ 1 ] That band had formed in Albury , New South Wales, by locals Cameron

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The Panopticon is a type of prison building designed by English philosopher Jeremy Bentham in the late 1700's. The concept of the design is to allow an observer to observe ( -opticon ) all ( pan- ) prisoners without the prisoners being able to tell if they are being observed or not, thus

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Stalinist architecture has associations with the socialist realism school of art & architecture . Contents 1 Features 1.1 "Stalin's high-rises" 1.2 Technology 1.3 Scope 2 Background (1900–1931) 3 The beginning (1931–1933) 4 Pre-war Stalinist architecture (1933

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The architecture of Finland has a notable history spanning over 800 years [ 1 ] and the architecture has contributed to several styles internationally, such as Nordic modernism , through the works of Alvar Aalto . [ 2 ] . Most commonly, Finland's architectural achievements are related

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The Museum of Finnish Architecture ( Finnish : Suomen rakennustaiteen museo , Swedish : Finlands arkitekturmuseum ) is an architectural museum in Helsinki , Finland , first established in 1956, the second oldest museum of its kind (after Moscow ) devoted specifically to architecture . The

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Koolhaas as OMA New York, an American affiliate of the Rotterdam -based Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). In 2006, OMA New York severed its strategic alliance with OMA and Prince-Ramus renamed the firm REX. [ 2 ] While serving as OMA New York’s Principal from 2000–2006, Prince

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The Chalmers Naval Architecture Students' Society (also known as the Föreningen Chalmers Skeppsbyggare or FCS ) is a naval architecture graduate students group at Chalmers University of Technology , Sweden . The Society was found in 1887 following the establishment of the Naval Architecture

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The year 2006 in architecture involved some significant events. Contents 1 Buildings 2 Events 3 Awards 4 Births 5 Deaths [ edit ] Buildings Eureka Tower, Southbank, Melbourne January 16 - 10 Holloway Circus is completed in Birmingham , England, designed by

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Cyprus 2009 Schaan, Liechtenstein 2010 Copenhagen , Denmark [ edit ] SESAM (Small European Architecture Students Assembly) The SESAM is an event arranged by the EASA network. Like the basic idea of the EASA , a SESAM can give an addition and/or alternative to the education of the

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activities started in 2003. The objective of this work was to develop a novel embedded device architecture that could solve the existing R&D challenges, as well as prepare the company to face the expected horizontalization and digital convergence . The NoTA basic framework was strongly influenced

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