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presented to a few of a great many T-cell receptors found on T-helper cells. These cells then bind to antigens on the surface of B-cells stimulating B-cell proliferation. Contents 1 Function 2 Structure 3 Genetics 3.1 Evolution and Allele Frequencies 4 Serogroups 5 Interlocus

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A person can have 2 antigen proteins per genetic-locus (one gene from each parent). During development the immune system determines these two antigens are 'self' antigens or ( autoantigens ) and turns off the destructive response. However when tissues are transferred to another person they

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one of the fundamental strengths of the adaptive immune system , that is, its ability to target antigens with high specificity. More importantly, the large number of activated T-cells secrete large amounts of cytokines (the most important of which is TNF-alpha ). TNF-alpha is particularly

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CD19 is expressed on follicular dendritic cells and B cells. In fact, it is present on B cells from earliest recognizable B-lineage cells during development to B-cell blasts but is lost on maturation to plasma cells . It primarily acts as a B cell co-receptor in conjunction with CD21 and

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The genus Polyomavirus used to be one of two genera within the now obsolete family Papovaviridae (the other genus being Papillomavirus which is now assigned to its own family Papillomaviridae ). The name Papovaviridae derived from three abbreviations: Pa for Papillomavirus , Po for Polyomavirus

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The HuD/ELAVL4 protein is an RNA-binding protein . [ 3 ] HuD is expressed only in neurons and it binds to AU-rich element -containing mRNAs. As a result of this interaction the half-life of the transcript is increased. HuD is important in neurons during brain development and plasticity. [

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Tissue Antigens From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search Tissue Antigens   Abbreviated title(s) Tissue Antigens Discipline Allergy , immunology Language English Edited by James McCluskey Publication details Publisher International

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In humans [ edit ] Group 1 Group 1 CD1 molecules have been shown to present foreign lipid antigens , and specifically a number of mycobacterial cell wall components, to CD1-specific T cells. [ edit ] Group 2 The natural antigens of group 2 CD1 are not well-characterized, but a synthetic

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In addition to the defined Human blood group systems , there are erythrocyte antigens which do not meet the definition of a blood group system. Most of these are either nearly universal in human blood or extremely rare and are rarely significant in a clinical setting. Reagents to test for

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Ouchterlony double immuno diffusion techniques and confirmed by Immuno blotting . Antibodies to these antigens have particular associations with various connective tissue disorders. On anti-nuclear antibody tests, they have a speckled pattern. [ 2 ] Contents 1 Terminology 2 ENA