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the PAX6 gene is highly conserved across evolutionary lineages. Defects in the PAX6 gene cause aniridia -like ocular defects in mice (as well as Drosophila ). Aniridia is a heterozygotic disease, meaning that only one of the two chromosome 11 copies is affected. When both copies are altered

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See also 7 References 8 External links [ edit ] Synonyms WAGR complex, Wilms tumour aniridia syndrome, aniridia -Wilms tumour syndrome. [ edit ] Clinical features and diagnosis Newborn children with WAGR syndrome are soon noted to have aniridia . The clinical suspicion for WAGR

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Although observed in humans and cats, ectopia lentis is most commonly seen in dogs . Ciliary zonules normally hold the lens in place. Abnormal development of these zonules can lead to primary ectopia lentis, usually a bilateral condition. Luxation can also be a secondary condition, caused

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malformations of anterior segment of eye ( Q 13.0 ) Coloboma of iris ( Q 13.1 ) Absence of iris Aniridia ( Q 13.2 ) Other congenital malformations of iris ( Q 13.3 ) Congenital corneal opacity ( Q 13.4 ) Other congenital corneal malformations ( Q 13.5 ) Blue sclera ( Q 13.8

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In anatomy, heterochromia refers to a difference in coloration , usually of the iris but also of hair or skin . Heterochromia is a result of the relative excess or lack of melanin (a pigment ). It may be inherited , due to genetic mosaicism , or due to disease or injury . [ 1 ] Eye color

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It is sometimes equated with "megalocornea". [ 1 ] Contents 1 Epidemiology 2 Pathophysiology 3 Prognosis 4 Surgical treatment 5 See also 6 References [ edit ] Epidemiology It is a much rarer condition than keratoconus , which is the most common dystrophy of the cornea

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of inheriting this disease. [ 3 ] [ edit ] References ^ Zazam Sheriff Phillips syndrome; Aniridia , lens luxation, mental retardation at NIH 's Office of Rare Diseases ^ Birth Disorder Information Directory - Z ^ Zamzam AM, Sheriff SM, Phillips CI (1988). Aniridia , ectopia lentis

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Aphakic people are reported to be able to see ultraviolet wavelengths that are normally excluded by the lens. [ 1 ] This may have had an effect on the colors perceived by artist Claude Monet , who had cataract surgery in 1923. [ 1 ] [ verification needed ] [ unreliable source? ] Rarely

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Anophthalmia  · Microphthalmia Lens Ectopia lentis  · Aphakia Iris Aniridia Anterior segment Axenfeld syndrome Cornea Keratoglobus  · Megalocornea Other Buphthalmos  · Coloboma  · Hydrophthalmos  · Norrie disease

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It gets its name from "blepharo", which refers to the eyelid, and "a", which refers to an absence. It is a component of the Ablepharon macrostomia syndrome . [ edit ] References ^ "Dorlands Medical Dictionary:ablepharia" . http://www.mercksource.com/pp/us/cns/cns_hl_dorlands_split.jsp

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