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although parts on the bottom or "second" side of the board are temporarily secured with a dot of adhesive as well. Surface mounted devices (SMDs) are usually made physically small and lightweight for this reason. Surface mounting lends itself well to a high degree of automation, reducing labor

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Surface tension has the dimension of force per unit length , or of energy per unit area . The two are equivalent—but when referring to energy per unit of area, people use the term surface energy —which is a more general term in the sense that it applies also to solids and not just liquids

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Plasterboard panels are also known as wallboard (USA, Ireland), [ citation needed ] Gibraltar board or GIB wall and ceiling linings (in New Zealand, trademark of Winstone Wallboards [ 1 ] ), rock lath , [ 2 ] Sheetrock (a trademark of USG Corporation ), Gyproc (in Australia, India and

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Protective adhesive tape used for temporary protection of corrugated board, metal sandwich panels , window profiles , aluminum panels, other metal surfaces from scratches, as well as for temporary protection products, home appliances, screens, against pollution, which can spoil the appearance | 2011/10/2 8:29:12

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The glue is usually a two-part epoxy resin. Thermal adhesive is usually applied by the manufacturer of the part to which it is applied, although it is also sold to the general public. [ edit ] See also Thermal grease Arctic Silver [ edit ] References [ edit ] External links

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tags, security printing , and sandwich process labels. Contents 1 Attachment 1.1 PSA Adhesive types 2 Stock types 3 Application and use 4 Color 5 Specialized labels 6 Uses 6.1 Stickers 6.2 Product label 6.3 Asset labeling 6.4 Textile labeling 6.5 Package

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A tire (in American English and Canadian English) or tyre (in British English, New Zealand English, Australian English and others) is a ring-shaped covering that fits around a wheel rim to protect it and enable better vehicle performance by providing a flexible cushion that absorbs shock

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The phonograph record player , or gramophone (letter + sound) is a device introduced in 1877 that continued common use until the 1980s for reproducing (playing) sound recordings , although when first developed, the phonograph was used to both record and reproduce sounds. The recordings played

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The disc brake or disk brake is a device for slowing or stopping the rotation of a wheel while it is in motion. A brake disc (or rotor in American English) is usually made of cast iron , but may in some cases be made of composites such as reinforced carbon–carbon or ceramic matrix composites

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Fly fishing can be done in fresh or salt water . North Americans usually distinguish freshwater fishing between cold-water species (trout, salmon, steelhead) and warm-water species, notably bass . In Britain, where natural water temperatures vary less, the distinction is between game fishing