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A dandelion is a short plant, usually with a yellow flower head and notched leaves. A dandelion flower head consists of many tiny flowers. The dandelion is native to Europe and Asia, and has spread to many other places. The dandelion is also known by its generic name Taraxacum . In Northern

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Bamboo's long life makes it a Chinese symbol of longevity, while in India it is a symbol of friendship. However, the rarity of its blossoming has led to the flowers' being regarded as a sign of impending famine. This may be due to rats feeding upon the profusion of flowers, then multiplying

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climate and conditions. This is in contrast to the seedbed method used more commonly in domestic gardening or more specific (modern) agricultural scenarios where the seed is applied beneath the soil surface and monitored and manually tended frequently to ensure more successful growth rates

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Commonly known as Hellebores, the genus Helleborus is comprised of approximately 20 species (ongoing fieldwork may see this figure change) of herbaceous perennial flowering plants in the family Ranunculaceae. The genus is native to much of Europe, from western Great Britain, Spain and Portugal

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They are trailing vines, subshrubs or herbaceous, and have slender trailing stems 1-2 m [1] long but not growing more than 20-70 cm [2] above ground; the stems frequently take root where they touch the ground, enabling the plant to spread widely. The leaves are opposite, simple broad lanceolate

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All crabgrasses have similar growth habits and flowering structures, but species are separated by minor differences in the flower structures and leaf pubescence. They typically have spreading stems with wide flat leaf blades that lay on the ground with the tips ascending. The inflorescence

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They occur in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere and South America. They prefer dry, sunny grassy plains; sandy soils; and to grow along river banks, along roadsides, disturbed soils, vacant lots and ruderal sites. Ragweed was far less common in the Eastern United States before dense

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present. [ edit ] References Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Persicaria Wikimanual of Gardening editing help: Manual of Style • Template Usage • Making Print Versions • Contributors • Project Discussion (This box does not appear in print versions)

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Herbicides are classified in several ways, including effect, selectivity, persistence, application, and action. They are also further divided into herbicides that are acceptable in organic growing methods and non-organic growing methods. [ edit ] Effect Pre-emergent herbicides work by

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